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Shandong Luba Chemical Co., Ltd., started in 1997, is a professional manufacturer of pyridine based agrochemicals and pyridine derivatives. Lubachem is proud to be one of the top 100 agrochemical manufacturers in China, which provides a portfolio of more than 100 agrochemicals and chemical products. For years, having been emphasizing on technological innovation, professionalized and ...      >>More

Weifang Nuchlor:Weifang Nuchlor Chemical Co., Ltd.: Located in Lingang Chemical Park, Binhai Economic Development Zone, Weifang city…     >>More

Weifang Luba:Weifang Luba factory, occupying 45 hectares in Weifang Industrial Area, was launched in 2007. It has 18,000MT/yr pyridine line and…     >>More

Dezhou Luba:Dezhou Luba factory owns 13 hectares in Dezhou Tianqu Industrial Area. It was used to be Dezhou Pesticides Factory, one of the earliest…     >>More

Jinan Luba:Jinan Luba factory is located 60kms away from Jinan downtown, with an area of 4 hectares. It mainly formulates EC, SL, WP, ME, and…     >>More

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